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The Killer Note - All about The Lenovo K8 Note - My Opinions - Drastic Changes.

Hello all,

It's really been a while for a new post as I got not much time to write one.
Now, coming straight into the topic, We've got all about the all new Lenovo K8 Note.

The "K" series, The Killer series, whatever the name you give it, it's really apt to call them Killer phones.

K3 Note started the game really impressing everyone out there with the fantastic display and features it got.
To be honest the successors didn't make it that unique in the game of Smart phones and that has an explanation as many other competitors popped in.

But Now, I really think that the K8 Note takes the game back to Lenovo with Killer spec's(at least on paper.)

Why K8 and No K7?

On the launch event, they said that the new killer note is powerful enough and a drastic upgrade so that it crosses two generations ahead with the killer features it got.(Sounds like that of Microsoft's words :D ).
It really seems it's true...
C'mon, let's have a look at it and see What's really killing about it? Shall we?

Well, first let's have a look at what's common with the K6 note.

Common features with its predecessor(by two generations):
  • The Display is same but has an increased brightness this time.
  • The Battery remains equally huge with the capacity of 4000 mah.
  • Similar design.
  • Other little features we may not address them.
Major Changes with the K8 Note: 

If we really list out each and Every new feature of it, It makes the post-Sooo BIGG.
 So Listed below will be Important Ones...
  • Coming in the First place will be the dual camera's with Awesome Bokeh effect in the Budget Range. Improved Front Camera with party flash.
  • Next is the Pure Stock Android- Lenovo Completely removed their VIBE Skin on Top. This change should really make the OS Buttery Smooth.It ships with the latest stable version of Android, 7.1.1.
  • Of course, The PROCESSOR! Being Launched (Uncaged) on 9th of August, 2017, This Killer Note becomes the first device to get the Helio P23, Decacore processor with a couple of cores having clocked up to 2.35GHz. This is a Drastic change to be honest with the listed price. On paper, performance shows unbelievable reports with an AnTuTu Score of over 90,000.  
  • A Dedicated SD card slot.
  • There's a Special Key for music making the device bend more towards entertainment with an Awesome screen, Dolby Atmos and Theatre Max technology. But an important thing to notice is the key can be remapped to do any other function or to open an app.
  • Rapid Charging Technology with 15W Turbo charger in the box.
  • It is Splash resistant! and has a gorilla glass this time with anti finger print oleophobic coating.
  • Full Metallic design with Venom Black and Gold made by 6000 series Aluminium.

In my view, this is really an Awesome product and I'd recommend this as a Go To option in this Budget range.
The Killer Note - All about The Lenovo K8 Note - My Opinions - Drastic Changes. The Killer Note - All about The Lenovo K8 Note - My Opinions - Drastic Changes. Reviewed by Bharath Mullapudi on August 10, 2017 Rating: 5

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