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My Ideal Home - An English essay

  I’m always a lover of technology. So, I like to use the latest tech whenever possible in whatever field I work or live. So as my home. Following that, I would like my home to be a Smart home. A smart home with all new features that the technology could provide.

    To describe a few changes I would like to start with Home Security. The current system of home security is outdated. A big lock to the front door of the house (at least in most cases including my house). According to me, this way of keeping house safe is not a good idea. In most cases, we end up saying our neighbors to look after the house if we were on a vacation. Even though we had informed someone, we won't be hassle free without thinking about the house. So, an Ideal home should be free of all those security issues. This should be very secure such that anyone who wishes to enter the house should have the permission of the owner. It can be feasible using face recognition technology and Internet of things. The visitor will be captured and the photo will be sent to the smartphone of the owner. If he approves then he can enter the house. This brings down the hassle of carrying keys everywhere and the doors cannot be opened by any burglars as it would alert the police if they try to mess with our security system. Due to this, the owner will have a peaceful mind all the time.

     Next thing I would like to change in my home is “the ease of access”. The word “smart” goes perfectly with this. I would like to have the developing Artificial Intelligence embedded into my house. So that everything would be in reach of our voice such as turning a light on/off. But, in the existing system, we have to turn off everything before leaving the house which we may forget to do so at times. It would be so cool if the home automatically does that. And we also forget to turn off water taps/motor when we left it open for a bucket/tank to be filled. When we have, these smart gadgets, they would automatically detect and turn them off. This is much better than the existing system. As a whole, this smart home will save a lot of power and water effectively.

      To conclude I always wish to change my home to a smart home, an “Ideal Home”. Using the latest tech effectively can make our lives much easier and more secure. I would definitely love to make my home smarter if I had a chance to do so.

That's it for a limited word story.

-Thank you.

My Ideal Home - An English essay  My Ideal Home - An English essay Reviewed by Bharath Mullapudi on April 10, 2017 Rating: 5

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